Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater originates from industrial manufacturing processes. In industrial factories various wastewater flow amount and characteristics are observed according to production facilities. Most of the plant has different pollutant characteristics, because of this industrial wastewater treatment plant must be designed as custom parameters. Before desing works, laboratory analysis and jar test are vital. After these datas applicable process may be choosen by Engineers.

Compared to domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment plant may have various flow and pollutant load, depending on type of industrial processes of the wastewater source. Hence the difference of pollutant and flow, physical, chemical and biological treatment technologies can be applied.

Aykosan Engineering is experienced on the following industrial wastewater types; textile, coating & dye, paper, food, beverages and milk, petroleum industry, mines, chemical industry etc.

Depending on flow of wastewater, acidity and area requirement, industrial wastewater treatment plants can be contructed of reinforced concrete, carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, polyethilene and GRP.

Chemical wastewater treatment is enough for some of the industrial wastewater treatment plants and others may require biological treatment or thirtry filtration.

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