Rapid Mixer (Flash Mixer)

Coagulation is used to separate dissolved and suspended colloids from the water. Method of this process, colloids, which has small sizes, make bigger theirs sizes and then these colloids can sediment in the tank.

Rapid MixerThe coagulation process is achieved by homogeneous mixing of the coagulant chemicals with the wastewater by means of rapid mixers. Rapid mixing (flash mixing) mounted on the tank, is connected to the motor with gears at the appropriate speed. Rapid mixing also consist of spindle and propeller.

The rapid mixer motor power, gearbox and propeller designs for each project can designed by our experienced engineers.

The most important parameter for design of rapid mixer is dimensions of tanks. It can be misleading to design mixers only for tank volume. When the mixer is designed, width and length dimensions are considered as design parameters. Unlike slow mixer equipment, the fast mixer equipment can choose at much higher speeds. For this reason, the propeller produced from stainless steel are smaller than the slow mixer.

You can contact with an e-mail including the tank dimensions when requesting a proposal from Aykosan Wastewater.

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