Sewage Treatment

Sewage water, known also, domestic wastewater, comes from households of villages, towns and cities as a result of daily water consumption. It may be originating at low levels from roadhouses, hotels, restaurants etc.

Main sources of sewage wastewater are toilets, kitchen, sink, bathroom etc. In addition to natural organic pollutants, detergent derivatives, the source of artifical pollutants, are abundant in municipal wastewater. According to Eddy & Metcalf Wastewater Engineering, sewage water comes from 40% bath, 15% laundering, 10% kitchen and 5% others.

Sewage treatment generally includes physical and biological treatment units without chemical one. Because of the low BOD and high organic content, sewage can be treated without chemical treatment method.

The principal reactors used for sewage treatment listed below;

1- Physical Treatment & Pump Station
This unit includes coarse and fine screening, grit & grease chambers. By the help of coarse screens gross solids can be treated from wastewater and this protects the lift pumps from clogging problems. After fine screening, wastewater is ready for grit & grease removal. Aerated grit chambers widely projected because of the both grit and grease removal in one tank. Aykosan Engineering is experienced in aerated grit & grease removal unit and scrapper equipments. You can look at our Aerated Grit Chamber page to detailed information.

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant2- Aeration Tank
Removal of BOD from municipal wastewater achieved by aeration systems for activated sludge process. Main goals for activated sludge aeration are satisfiying BOD, endogenous respiration of biomass, oxygen demand of nitrification, providing required mixing and maintaing the minimum DO (dissolved oxygen).

Aykosan Engineering designs aeration reactor for activated sludge, extenden activated sludge, squencing batch reactors, biodisc reactor, MBBR and MBR units. Also aeration equipment manufacturing is our study field such as; aspirating aerator, surface aerators, blower-diffusser systems. Civil works for aeration tank of treatment plant can be commited by Aykosan Engineering.


3- Sludge Dewatering
Excess sludge originating from wastewater treatment has to be removed by sludge drying equipment units and equipments. Main sludge dewatering equipments are filter press, belt press and centrifuge decanters.

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