Mobile Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant

Containerized chemical wastewater treatment plants are constructed for treatment of industrial wastewater originating from the small-medium scale factories.

In packaged chemical treatment plants; COD, SS removal take place, as well as heavy metal removal.

There is an automatic chemical dosing system in such plants operated by an educated operators.

In the containerized type chemical wastewater treatment plants, coagulation and flocculation units are the most basic units where the treatment is performed, therefore chemical dosing is important.

Mobile Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plants may include flowing units;

- Coagulation

- Flocculation

- Sedimentation

- Sludge Drying

The coagulant to be used may be selected from ferric sulphate, aluminum sulphate, ferric chloride or a different chemical coagulant.

Then, by flash mixer wastewater ph is ajusted adding acid or caustic. After this by using slow mixer wastewater and anionic polimer solution is mixed.

Conditioning with flocculation occurs to the wastewater sedimentation unit.

The sludge formed in the sedimentation unit is fed to high pressure pumps, filter press unit or sludge drying beds.

Mobile Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant

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